Why Do Girls Like Stuffed Animals?

Why Do Girls Like Stuffed Animals?

Stuffed animals really just consist of cloth, cotton, plush, and synthetic fibers, so why do we like them so much?

You’ve heard it all before, the perfect presents for the ladies are chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears, but why? 

Men are right when they say that girls are probably the most confusing things on earth, because we are so emotional, and none of us are completely the same. Typical girls between the ages of 2-28 find teddy bears adorable, whether they are smart or stupid, classy or sleezy, or girly or not.

Teddy bears, or any stuffed animals, consist of materials of all kinds such as cloth, plush, or other textiles, and stuffed with straw, beans, plastic pellets, cotton, synthetic fibres, or other similar materials. Stuffed bears, dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, and even made up animals, are all basically made of the same things, yet each one means something special to someone.

When a girl receives a stuffed animal, it automatically means something to them, normally depending on who they receive it from. Animals from relatives such as sisters, moms, aunts, and grandmothers become very important because they are from other girls or women who are dear to them or inspire them. When animals are received from friends or even boyfriends however, they don’t normally mean as much to the girl. Friends and lovers often come and go, and as girls age and develop, some of those Birthday gifts or Valentine’s presents, may even end up in the trash, or at a garage sale.

Stuffed animals are really like having the giver with them, when they aren’t. Animals given to the girls by their grandparents and parents are normally kept the longest, or even their whole lives. Grandparents are ususally always there for you, even when your parents are not; they love you unconditionally and have been been a part of your whole life. Stuffed animals from grandparents are kept safe and snug, even after their grandparents pass. 

Animals given by parents are often the ones that just sit on shelves, unless their parents are not with them. Girls who have stuffed animals, or anything given to them by their parents becomes incredibly sentimental to them when their parents are not around, it’s almost like having a piece of them with you. Parents know that when they are gone, the stuffed animal can comfort you, and remind you of how much they love you and miss you.

Birthdays and times of poor health are often when girls receive stuffed animals from friends. Friends ofthen get other friends their favorite animals or “get well soon” animals. The gifts received from their closest friends normally mean much more to them than the others, but each is a nice gift. The animals recieved from the closer friends usually are packed away during college and the taken out later but the others are often donated or tossed.

Lastly, are the boyfriends. Boyfriends can give their lovers stuffed animals on any occasion. Teddy bears are normally the animal give because they are cute and typical. Teddy bears are there to cuddle, when their lovers are not, and they remind the girl how much her boyfriend loves her. Girls love it when guys are all corny and sweet, and a stuffed animal, definatley says corny and sweet! While boyfriends come and go, stuffed animals are either tossed or kept, it really shows how much a girl cared about the boy.

Whether it’s a teddy bear, stuffed dog, or even a unicorn/pig/frog animal, it means something special to the girl. What will you be getting your girl, next Valentines Day?;)

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